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Here's what others are saying about BodyBook:


5 stars
"Doesn't try to be everything, and does it well" by scrooks
I've been watching the App Store since it opened for an app that would simply let me keep track of weight training and aerobic exercises. There have been apps that do one or the other, which wasn't good enough. There have been apps that do both, but they don't do a very good job of making it quick and easy. And most of those apps also seem to want to throw in a bunch of extra stuff I don't want, such as videos of the exercises or nutritional tracking. BodyBook is exactly what I was looking for. It tracks the critical data for all the exercises, both weight and aerobic, and makes it very simple and quick to enter the data. Perfect.

"BodyBook is amazing" by FitBuf Brandon
WOW! I was looking for a digital workout journal on the App Store, found yours, and was blown away by how detailed and well-put-together it is! Congrats and thank you for a perfect app, and I hope it's as popular as it deserves to be. I'll do my best to help it out by posting on my fitness sites at:

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a couple of desired features, but they would just be icing on the cake:

1. Ability to link 2 exercises in a workout as a "super-set"
2. Add an exercise option to track resting period between sets and/or the ability to add more than 1 custom field, because I've found on exercises I've already added a custom field for ("Add weight next time?" for example), if I try to also add "Rest period," it overwrites my "Add weight next time?" custom field.
3. Ability to add overall duration and overall notes to an entire day's workout for quick back reference.

Thanks again!

5 stars
"Dream come true!" by Fokissed
WOW! It's a beautiful thing when you imagine exactly what you want, and it just appears!

My workout notebook was about the last paper-based tool that I hadn't taken digital yet, because most of the fitness apps in the App Store are geared more towards creating workouts than simply logging your own workouts that you already do.

I can't say enough how perfectly BodyBook does everything I want it to, and just the amount of thought and intuitiveness that went into creating this is astounding.

Seriously, this is the first and only review I've written, because it's the only App that has ever done everything I wanted and more, and this is only version 1.0!

Last, but not least, (in fact, probably most important of all), I emailed the creator just to thank him for such a high-quality app, and I added a few minor feature requests. Well, he replied within the hour with a detailed list of what he's planning to implement, along with questions on exactly what I was looking for in future features.

If you ever plan on doing another workout in your life, buy this right now!

5 stars
"Great addition to workout" by Jsey
I love this application! It's great to use while keeping up your workout. You can record the rep and weight level you are using and also add custom workouts and tracking fields as well. The statistics graph helps to keep you aware of unintended imbalances in your workout routine like maybe too much or not enough cardio or not enough upper body. I added some my favorite exercise videos to the list and it's nice to be able to record my heartrate monitor readings for all my workouts.

5 stars
"Great app with great support" by Orem
This app is fantastic. It's easy to use, even during a hard workout with shaking hands. Two days into using the app and the graphs have already shown me I'm putting too much work into some body parts and not enough into others. Most importantly, though, is the tech support. I emailed a thank you, we had a small discussion on listening to music while using the app, they email me out if the blue to tell me they found a solution late last night. They had already performed great customer service, then went beyond it. Every company could learn from this.

5 stars
"awesome" by bryantucker
this app covers everything, and what it doesn't it will with updates (the developer is only an email away and he gets back to you very quickly). i really love the graphs that allow you to keep track of what you are working to much or to little. if you purhase this app you not be disappointed.

5 stars
"Infinitely customizable" by systema
I have looked for a fitness app that I could customize for months, and this one is it. It can be as simple or detailed as you want it to be, and you can add any exercise you can think of and track it any way you like. I'm even using it to track my sleep and hydration. Bonus: I emailed the designer with a feature request (greater control over pie chart displays) and got a detailed response within two hours that included a projected time for the feature to show up in an update.

5 stars
"Best workout tracking software! Great application!" by BodyBookFan
This application is fantastic.
I have bought and tried several of the other applications for workout tracking and I must say this is the best by far.
I particularly like the fact that exercises are very accessible and input is made easy while working out. The history tracking is very good (editable etc.) and it is great that you can make customized graphs. The backup and export functionality is also appreciated. I would like to see some more features though (to make it even better):
1. Ability to customize the pie chart input. E.g. select which exercises/groups to include in the pie chart.
2. A picture tells more than a thousand words. It would be fantastic if one could attach or take a picture when inputting the weight/height/bmi - you are most likely by the scale and in front of a mirror anyway.
3. I currently use the custom exercise field to track other body measurements like waist and chest measurement. - This is great since I am not particularly interested in my weight only. It would however be perfect if this was inputted in a similar way as for weight/height. As these are body measurement and not exercises (and not part of pie chart etc.).
4. Making weight graphs from exercises with several reps is plotted as the sum of all weights from the reps. E.g. 10x80kg 8x90kg and 6x100kg = plotted as 270kg. It would be more informative if the 3 reps were plotted as separate points and/or an average of the 3 was used for the line (possibly max and min as separate curves would be nice too).

Thank you for this application – It really makes a difference in my workout routine.

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