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Creating or Editing Workouts

A Workout in BodyBook is simply a collection of exercises in an order you specify. A Workout has a name and an optional description, which are displayed in the Workouts tab.

Creating a New Workout

To create a new workout, touch the "+" symbol in the upper-left corner of the screen. You will then see the Edit page for the new workout:

New Workout

Touch the Name field to bring up the keyboard to enter a name for your new workout. You may also touch the Description field to add a description. The description will be displayed in small text underneath your workout name wherever you see your workout listed.

Adding Exercises

Next touch the blue "Select Exercises" field. You will be presented with a list of exercises sorted by category:

The area shown in the red box is the Category index. You can quickly jump to a particular category by touching or dragging your finger in this area.

Touch each exercise you would like to add to your workout. When an exercise is selected, a blue checkmark will appear to the right. The initial order of exercises in your workout is the same as the order they are checked, but can be re-arranged in the Edit Workout screen. When you have finished adding exercises to your workout, touch the back button (which should contain the name of your workout) at the upper-left of the screen to return to the Edit Workout page.

Changing Exercise Order

To change the order of the exercises in your workout, touch the "Edit" button in the upper-right corner of the display. The list of exercises should change, displaying an icon to the left (insert or delete) and three horizontal bars on the right. The "Delete" icons can be used to remove an exercise. Touching again on the "Select Exercises" field brings you back to the exercise list where you may add or remove exercises.

Touch and hold the horizontal bars and drag an exercise with your finger to re-order the exercise list. 

Saving the Workout

To save a new Workout, touch the blue "Done" button in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you are editing a workout, nothing more is necessary- just return to the main Workouts list and your modifications will be saved. 



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