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Performing Workouts

Performing exercises in a workout starts with simply touching the Workout you wish to perform in the Workouts tab.

After selecting the workout to perform, the Exercise Entry page for your first exercise in your workout will be presented:

Perform Stairs

There is a lot of information in this window. Let's go over each piece:

Workout Name

This one is obvious- it's the name of the workout we are performing.

New in version 1.3, you can touch the Workout Name to get an overview of your workout:

Touching on an exercise name will bring you directly to that exercise. Yellow fields indicate the exercise has not been performed yet for this workout. White fields indicate that the exercise has been performed. Green dots on the right show how many sets have been performed, while green or yellow dates or times show the last time the exercise was performed.

Previous Exercise

Touching this button brings up the previous exercise in our workout list. The exercises wrap around either end of the list to make navigation simpler.

Current Exercise

This field displays the name of the exercise we are currently working on. Tapping this field brings up a history display for this exercise. If the exercise tracks sets and we have entered a set already, tapping this field brings up a list of the sets we have recorded for this session. Otherwise, a history of previous records for the exercise are displayed. History entries can be modified or deleted in case you make a mistake.

Next Exercise

Touching this button brings up the next exercise in our workout list.

Set Indicator

If the exercise supports tracking sets, the Set Indicator lets you know which set we are about to record. The empty circle means that we have not yet recorded this set. Full circles indicate sets that have been recorded.

Number Entry

A common control in BodyBook, the Number Entry fields are used, of course, to enter numerical values. Tapping on the red or green boxes will increment or decrement the current value. Tapping on the number field will bring up a number pad for entering a value directly.

Time Entry

Another common control in BodyBook, the Time Entry fields are used to enter time values. Tapping on the numbers will bring up a spinner to enter time values. Values are always displayed as HH:MM:SS (hours, minutes, seconds).


The Notes field can be used to add a note to a particular set or exercise entry. Tapping on the Notes field brings up the text-entry keyboard.


Once all of the fields have been filled out, the Record button is used to record the exercise entry. If not all fields have been filled out (excepting the optional Notes field), you will be prompted about entering an incomplete entry. This may be disabled in the Preferences window.


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