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The Preferences window allows you to set application preferences:

Units of Measurement

Weight: Pounds (lb.) or Kilograms (kg)

Distance: Miles (mi.) or Kilometers (km)

Energy: Kilocalories (kcal) or Kilojoules (kJ)

Set Interval

The Set Interval preference allows you to fine-tune what is considered a set. BodyBook uses a duration to determine if an exercise should be recorded as part of a set, or as a new set. If the last time an exercise was recorded happened more than the Set Interval number of minutes in the past, a new entry for that exercise starts a new set. The default value is 300 minutes, or 5 hours.

Set Timer

The Set Timer allows you to set a time to rest between sets. Enter the desired number of seconds to rest, and after recording results for a set, the timer will automatically start counting down. On iPhones, when the timer reaches zero, the phone will vibrate.

Partial Entry Warning

If this is set to ON, attempts to record an exercise whose fields are not all filled out will result in a warning being displayed. If set to OFF, no warning will be displayed.

Auto Next Exercise

If set to ON, when an exercise is recorded within a workout, the next exercise in the workout will automatically be displayed. This is the same as touching "Record" and then touching the next exercise button.

If set to OFF, no change in exercise will occur when the "Record" button is touched.

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