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Height & Weight

BodyBook is also capable of tracking your weight and can calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) if you have entered your height.

Touch the "Height and Weight" field in the Statistics tab to slide in the Height & Weight page:

If you wish to view your Body Mass Index, first fill out the Height field. If your preferences have indicated "lbs." for weight, your height is measured in feet and inches. Otherwise, your height is measured in meters and centimeters.

Next enter your body weight in the Body Weight field. Once your weight has been entered, your Body Mass Index will be displayed in the field below.

Tracking your Body Weight

If you wish to record your body weight, touch the blue "Record" button at the upper-right corner of the screen. Your weight will be recorded and can be viewed in the Body Weight History page accessed by the first field in the "History" section.

You may also view a graph of your body weight and BMI by selecting the Body Weight Chart field.

Note that the line graphs in this application are scrollable- flick the graph to the right to see earlier entries!


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